Talking to your doctor about KRYSTEXXA®

When multiple treatments and lifestyle changes haven’t relieved your gout signs and symptoms, it’s time to talk to a rheumatologist about KRYSTEXXA.

The tips below will help you to make the most of your conversation with your doctor:

  1. Be open and honest
    • Describe your symptoms and how they make you feel
    • Discuss any challenges you may have with your current treatment
  2. Tell your doctor which treatments you’ve tried in the past
  3. Ask your doctor to describe your future options for treatment
  4. Make sure you know about the risks and benefits of KRYSTEXXA
  5. Partner with your doctor on your treatment plan

Prepare for your next doctor’s visit by answering the questions below:

  1. Do you avoid certain activities, miss important events, or avoid planning a vacation due to concern about gout symptoms?
  2. How has gout affected your work life?
  3. How many times have you needed help from family or friends because of gout symptoms?
  4. How has your life changed since you have had gout?

For questions like these and more download the Doctor Discussion Guide